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We are committed in providing quality Blockchain Services, Products and Opportunities for our stakeholders.

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Our team of blockchain enthusiast, technology and finance entrepreneurs and industry specialists has combined experience of more than 100 years in the technology and finance industry. Believing strongly in contributing back to the block chain community we incorporate the latest technologies to solve real world gaps and problems.

We are excited by the huge growth potential offered by the rapidly evolving area of blockchain technology and seek to create new business to offer a holistic business ecosystem to capture these emerging and disruptive opportunities.

Our Vision is to be the leading business group in Asia providing blockchain-as-a-service, strategic business consultancy and advisory and a wealth of blockchain services and products to companies seeking to leverage blockchain in their core business strategy.

Our mission is to realize the disruptive potential of blockchain and foster its growth and adoption in every aspect of life.

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“…technology is evolving at a rapid pace and 2018 will be the year that blockchain, the backbone behind cryptocurrencies, establishes itself as the fastest-growing digital technology since the evolution of the internet…with Blockchain technology migrating from early adopter status to mainstream adoption, Researchers recently found that the global blockchain market could surpass $7.7 billion by 2024,”

- Forbes Jan 2018


Suitable for:

- Companies adopting Blockchain Technologies

- Blockchain Start-ups 


- Full end to end Blockchain Services to bring your Vision to Reality

- Modular Services and solutions to suit your requirements and Budget

- Proven Go-to-Market Strategies and whitelabelled solutions to launch your ICO quickly and efficiently 

ICO Services

Institutional Services

Suitable for:

- Post-ICO Blockchain Start-ups, Exchanges and Blockchain Institutions 


- Proprietary Market Making System that provides traditional market maker functionality and market volume management

- Improve Trading Environment

- Holistic Support Services

- Liquidity Provison

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Vision Market Making Management System (vMMS) is fully autonomous and delivers unprecedented reliability, performance, and elasticity

It is based on algorithmic systems to retune and optimize performance.

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With the dynamic landscape of the Blockchain Technologies and Applications, we strongly believe that whitelabelled solutions coupled with proven Go to Market Strategies will ensure that our customers stay ahead of our competitors at all times. 

We provide a full end to end holistic product ecosystem that can be whitelabeled to suit your Blockchain Needs

Our vWallet Solution Showcase for X Infinity

We have a saying in our Company,

"1 week in the Crypto World is equal to 1 year of development for traditional businesses"


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VisionWallet (vWallet)

  • Multi Crypto, Multi Fiat eWallet
  • Easy onboarding of own ICO on either Proprietary Blockchain or Ethereum  
  • Multi Tier KYC for quick onboarding of customers 

VisionCards (vCards)

  • Prepaid Mastercard Card integrated with ecosystem
  • Allow payment using traditional POS over more than 40 million points around the world

VisionExchange (vExchange)

  • Secured Platform that provides both Macro and Micro OTC deals for Major Cryptocurrency
  • Provides crucial liquidity for blockchain clients

VisionCommerce (vCommerce)

  • Allow clients to setup ecommerce store to sell traditional or crypto related items  
  • Connected to Ecosystem for payment system

VisionPay (vPay)

  • Allow merchants to collect crypto/fiat as payments
  • Integrated with multi-crypto/fiat eWallet and eCommerce suite
  • Option for common signin and payments

VisionPOS (vPOS)

  • Integrates to vCommerce for meaningless backend reporting, inventory management, and more 

Whitelabel Solutions to suit your need


Simplified Blockchain Opportunities for everyone

Etherbytes Limited is a company incorporated in Singapore, with the mission is to simplify Blockchain opportunities for the masses through the development of Data Center as a Service (DAAS) targeting Ethereum Mining.

Etherbytes Limited will be preparing to list on  a major exchange. If successfully listed, Etherbytes Limited will be the first listed company globally whose dividend will track Etherum. An investment in Etherbytes Limited gives the share investors a direct exposure to Etherum without needing to own Etherum.



BarrageIT (an anagram for Arbitrage) leverage on proprietary technology and algorithms to make more efficient and accurate trading decisions.

BarrageIT’s key focus is to exploit the existing price gaps and inefficiency of the volatile cryptocurrency trading market to create positive returns for our investors.


DAAS Capital, provides Data Center as a Service as an unique investment opportunity for investors.

** Website coming soon

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Philip Wong

Philip is a serial Entrepreneur with extensive business experience. He advisors various ICOs and has a strong passion for cryptocurrency mining.


Michael Knott

Mike is a Technology Expert, with more than 25 years experience in Software Development and Architecture in the areas of banking, finance, artificial intelligence, robotics, ecommerce and blockchain.

Director, Strategic Developments

KC Yoon

KC is a serial entrepreneur successfully raising over US$25M for 3 startups. A retired naval officer and scholarship holder with the Singapore Armed Forces, KC graduated with a Masters from Cambridge and King’s College London.


Director, Business Developments

Elvin Teo

Elvin is highly driven aspiring entrepreneur who is passionate about developing businesses and its core strategies.

Sales Manager

Jonathan Oh

Jonathan is an aspiring entrepreneur and a trader who has a strong believe in technology and innovation.


Lim Hui Jie

Serial entrepreneur with extensive business experience and as the CEO, listed his company at over USD 230 million before the age of 30 years old.


Strategic Network across ASIA PACIFIC





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Contains several Strategic Business Units of the Group that develop robust strategic capabilities in a fast evolving blockchain landscape

Manages the various Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnership of the Group

Technology Arm of the Group that manages all technology development and deployment

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Integrating Disruptive  

Blockchain Technologies 

in Our Everyday Lives

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