Integrating Disruptive Technology Into Our Everyday Lives
Blockchain. Artificial Intelligence. Cyber Security

VisionGroup helps organisations, enterprises and governments build and deploy disruptive solutions rapidly.

VisionGroup is a leading Technology Company providing Innovation As A Service (IAAS) solutions to our clients. We are focused on driving adoption of Blockchain, AI and Cybersecurity to governments, enterprises and the masses by making it better, faster and easier.

Build, Scale and Go to Market Rapidly

Turn your Vision to Reality

We create holistic end to end solutions within our ecosystem and aim to create a frictionless experience for end customers.

Strong Technology

With proprietary Vision Protocol, holistic product suite and ecosystem

Strong Team

With more than 100 years of combined experience in startups, corporate and IPOs

Strong Go To Market

With more than 6 countries outreach and strategic ecosystem network


  • We are happy to work with Vision as our choice partner due to their in-depth industry knowledge and technology expertise in the blockchain space.

    Vincent Choy Chairman — Blockchain Center of Excellence and Education
  • Highly productive, receptive and reciprocative teams helmed by industry leaders. They are undeterred and power on in the face of any challenges.

    Jason Tee Former Vice President Technology — MSIG Singapore
  • Vision cultivates an inclusive culture that often treats its clients & partners as valued members of a larger Vision family. It is always a please to work with their highly motivated and entrepreneurial co-founders.

    Steven Phua Founder and Managing Director — Telistar Solutions
  • Highly committed group of visionaries who are trend setters in the industries  and has consistently delivered and achieved over and above.

    KC Yoon Co Founder and Director — Jules Corporation
  • Vision is thoughtful in its strategic approach. Transparency, and a seamless process allows for scale and rapid adoption

    Matthew Vitamante CEO and Co-Founder — CAsia Ventures
  • Vision's level of professionalism and innate ability to understand their customer's needs, fueled by their passion towards new technologies makes them a valuable partner in the Blockchain space.

    Alvin Choy General Manager — D’Ledgers Consultancy
  • Fun, exciting and amicable individuals. They thrive on formulating innovation solutions that have the potential to fundamentally change various industries.

    Ryan Wong Founder and Managing Director — Evvo Labs

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