Our team of blockchain enthusiasts, technology and finance entrepreneurs and industry specialists has combined experience of more than 100 years in the technology, corporate, and finance industry.

We are excited by the huge growth potential offered by the rapidly evolving area of blockchain technology and seek to create new business to offer a holistic business ecosystem to capture these emerging and disruptive opportunities.

Our Board of Advisors

KH Lim
Khoon Hong Lim

Former Board Member and President of Asia Pacific in Wincor Nixdorf which was the top 2 technology providers in the world for retail and banking IT.

Andreas Weigend
Andreas Weigend

Former Chief Scientist of Amazon and worked with clients from Alibaba, Mastercard, Thomas Reuters, Goldman Sachs, Singtel, SAP, WEF and more.

KH Lim
Khoon Hong Lim

Former Board Member and President of Asia Pacific in Wincor Nixdorf which was the top 2 technology providers in the world for retail and banking IT.

Andreas Weigend
Andreas Weigend

Former Chief Scientist of Amazon and worked with clients from Alibaba, Mastercard, Thomas Reuters, Goldman Sachs, Singtel, SAP, WEF and more.

Ryan Wong

Serial entrepreneurs with over 28 year of experience and senior technology advisor to several technology and fund management entities in Singapore.

Our Team

Hui Jie Lim

Serial entrepreneur with extensive business experience and as the CEO, listed his company at over USD 230 Million before the age of 30 years old.

Philip Wong
Head of Vision Digital

Technology advocate who believes strongly in innovation and doing things different, having founded several companies around the region including Singapore and China.

Andrew Hobson
Director for Product and Technology, Vision Datasense

Primarily focused on delivering ground breaking and outcome orientated products for our clients.  Previously Global Head of Architecture & Strategy at HSBC and Global Head of Data Transformation at Standard Chartered Bank.

Aaron Gong
Head of Development

Expert in delivering software solutions. Key domains include crypto currency, auto trader, data management products for FIs, IoT (Environmental monitoring) and Fleet Management.

Jonathan Oh
Manager, Sales

Creative and persuasive individual with extensive knowledge of current market conditions and innate ability to identity opportunities in the market.

Tristan Lim
Stakeholder Relations

Dedicated and intuitive individual, and a strong sense of purpose to bring value to the table, successfully impacted across multiple industries in the last 10 years, from Operations to Business Development.

Evelyn Tew
Service Delivery Manager

An experienced project manager in the technology sector, aided by her strong background in Software engineering that enables her to function as an intermediary between various parties

Garvita Jain
Service Delivery Manager

Certified Scrum Master with over 8 years of diverse IT industry experience in Banking, Programming, eCommerce. A strong believer of innovation and agility. She practices & preaches quality over quantity principle.

Janna Mariz
Test Manager

10 years of software testing experience in various industries (Banking, FMCG, and Insurance companies). Core strengths include hands-on test execution, results gathering and defect management.

Li Yan
Product Specialist

NUS Graduate and major in mathematics. Possess strong logical thinking that gives the ability to communicate effectively with customers. Well equipped with market trends, analytical mind to constantly improvise.

Yong Wei
Product Specialist

She is a strong believer in pushing out intuitive and user-friendly technology to overcome issues presented. On most days, you can catch her thinking and implementing product strategies to improve to the technology customers use.

Janice Long
Office Manager

Over 20 years experience in Admin and HR and assist in overseeing the company day to day operations Meticulous and dependable.

Suzie Li
Senior Finance & HR Manager 

Over 20 years in Finance, adept in leading and developing international groups to support the entire group in the areas of finance, business planning, budgeting, system implementation.

Tarani Raja

Her constant passion for Psychology and understanding people have inspired her to pursue a career in Human Resource Management. She is always ready to serve our employees.

Adrian De La Cruz
Associate Finance Officer

Over 10 years in Accounting & Finance, with in depth skillsets, from cost control and financial analysis ability to taxes. He has a knack in analysing problems and a keen eye for detail, that enabled him to manage internal control efficiently and streamline solutions effectively.

Our Ecosystem Partners

Hayk Hakobyan

Business expert in organizational transformation and turnaround. Advisor in the technology space, strong advocate of innovation, strategy, AI and blockchain.

Vincent Choy

Over 12 years experience in oil and gas and event industry. Serial Entrepreneur who is a passionate advocate for blockchain technology.

Matthew Vitamante
Matthew Vitamante

Seasoned Venture Capitalist that has empowered companies in USA, Europe and Asia with deep expertise in Blockchain and Technology Space.

Jason Tee

Over 30 years of IT experience in banking, finance & insurance. A passionate and experienced mentor, advisor & investor.

Steven Phua

Over 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in the IT professional services industry.

Steven Foo

Over 25 years of experience as an international senior executive. Passionate in connecting businesses and creating opportunities that enable revenue growth.

Alan Ng

Experienced Entrepreneur & Startup investor with a demonstrated history of Business Experience in APAC Region. Key businesses in AI & Robotics Technologies, Media & Marketing, Interior Design & Events Setup

KC Yoon
KC Yoon

Over 25 years experience in finance and tech industry. Advisor in the technology space.

Derrick Lee
Derrick Lee

Over 18 years experience in the IT networking industry. Entrepreneurial and creative go-getter who excels in building relationships.

KC Yoon
Vincent Choy
Ryan Wong

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