Vision Product Suite

Vision Protocol is our proprietary blockchain technology that was developed to resolve some of the existing issues faced by end users.

We aim to create a frictionless experience that allows centralised and decentralised applications to be built and deployed on Vision Protocol rapidly.

Vision Protocol utilises practical by fault torlerent consensus protocol which is designed for scalability, security and optimal performance. Vision Protocol can process high transaction volume with low processing time.

Vision Protocol

Blockchain Anything

Vision proprietary protocol is designed for scalability, security and optimal performance. Vision Protocol can process up to 20,000 transactions per second with an average transaction confirmation timeframe of less than 1 second. Vision Protocol empower organisations to be blockchain-enabled and achieve enhanced cybersecurity protection and high performance by the immutable nature of blockchain.

Cross Industry Implementation:

| Digital Commerce | Digital Finance | eGovt | Digital Supply Chain | Digital Insurance | Corporate Services |

Key Features:


Immutability of Records




High Scalability &


Low Transaction Cost


Fractionized Distributed Storage


Industry Agnostic

Vision Vanguard


Vision Vanguard provides backend transformation for companies by enhancing data trust and security powered by Blockchain and Cybersecurity Technology. Vision Vanguard empower organisations to create digital identities and blockchain transactional data, and achieve greater productivity, trust and security with a workflow engine powered by smart contracts.

Cross Industry Implementation:

| Digital Commerce | Digital Finance | eGovt | Digital Supply Chain | Digital Insurance | Corporate Services |

Key Features:


Workflow engine




Secure Storage using Vision Protocol


Smart Contract enabled


Lightweight, Modular and High Performance


Self Serve



DataSense empower organisations to gain clarity and insights of their data assets and landscape to achieve enhanced data compliance, control and analytics to generate value through data mapping, cataloging and data fingerprinting at the data element level.

Cross Industry Implementation:

| Digital Commerce | Digital Finance | eGovt | Digital Supply Chain | Digital Insurance | Corporate Services |

Key Features:


Rapid Deployment

Use Real Data Instead of Metadata

Near Realtime

Machine Learning

Data Visualisation And Analytics

vCommerce New Retail

Integration of online and offline retail through usage of modern technologies, data and customer engagement techniques to provide seamless and novel retail experience.

Cross Industry Implementation:

| SME | Enterprise | Community |

Key Features:


Enhance Business Growth


Consumer Centric & Retainment


Higher Inventory Turnover


Novel Engagement Experience


Intelligence Matching


Spurred Interactions & Transactions

vCommerce Procurement

Management portal for B2B procurement enhanced with seamless & efficient procurement processes that provides clear visibility in organization-wide spend and tight control of all procurement activities.

Cross Industry Implementation

| Wholesaler | Brands | Franchisor |

Key Features:


Enhance Business Growth


Consumer Centric


Higher Inventory Turnover


Seamless Procurement Processes


Intelligence Matching


Spurred Interactions & Transactions

Thermal Logger on Vanguard

Designed for quick deployment into premises to ensure safe, accurate & traceable mass thermal screening.


  • No more temperature taking
  • No more long queues


How Does This Benefit You?

  • Seamless Attendance & Temperature Taking
  • Proper Contact Tracing

Key Features:


Facial Recognition

Scan face to register and the
device will use the image as
reference for future access


Temperature Taking

With in-built thermal imaging
camera, we are able to measure body
temperature upon scanning


Identity Logging

Connected with our blockchain-based
proprietary HR portal, all attendance
and temperature will be logged for
future reference



Employers are able to set notification
for specific events and it would be
sent by email to the employer for


Permissioned Access

Vision’s very own blockchain-based
proprietary HR portal that allows HR
processes to be automated & improve
productivity within the company

Our Areas of Focus are Categorised into the Following Key Sectors

Digital Commerce Suite

Digital Finance Suite

Digital Government Suite

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